03 Feb 2011

How To Setup A Facebook Business Page…Properly!

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We are still seeing a lot of people still struggling with the tricky process of how to set up a Facebook Business page. The main area of confusion regards the fact that you MUST have a personal account before you can set up a Facebook Business Page. The reason is that business pages are managed and created from within your personal account as well as accessed through your personal login.

So if you try to setup a Facebook business page first, you will actually be going through both setups at the same time. Many people are unaware of this and it can be somewhat confusing when it keeps asking for personal information. Our advice would be to setup your personal page first then add your facebook business page afterwords.

‘How To Improve Engagement On Your Facebook Business Fan Page’

However this too can be a problem most notably when an employee in the company has been tasked with the following blunt instructions:

Get our company business on ‘the’ Facebook…NOW!

They dutifully do so, but by using their own personal Facebook profile as the super admin. With this comes the subsequent problem of when this employee moves on they remain the super admin for this business page and can never be removed without deleting the page!

So here is what we recommend you to do…

Preliminary Setup

  1. Get a manager or likewise to setup a personal account as the super admin account with relevant work email address i.e. info@yourbusiness.com
  2. Do not use this account as a personal account and start adding friends, this account will be solely used to administer your business page.
  3. From within this account setup your Facebook business page (see below).
  4. From within this account you can now assign staff to become administrators while the super admin still retains control of all who have admin access. In order to add an admin, that person must already be signed up to Facebook and already have ‘Liked’ the business page.

Setting Up The Actual Business Page

Once you have your pseudo personal page setup with an appropriate email address i.e. info@businessname.com log out and visit www.Facebook.com.

  • In the lower right hand area (under the ‘Sign Up‘ button) you should see ‘Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business.Setting up a facebook business page
  • Go to the Official Page area and select what type of business you are from the drop down menu. Put in the Page Name that you want to appear in people’s news feeds.Facebook Business PageIn the next screen click on: ‘I already have a Facebook account’ and login with your Facebook Account details that you setup previously.
  • You will be taken to your newly setup page. If you click on ‘Edit Page’ under your Page’s main pictureEdit Page
  • So now if you want to add anyone else as an administrator you simply click on ‘Manage Admin‘ and ‘Add Another Admin‘. The person you wish to add must already have a Facebook account and must have ‘Liked‘ the business page.Manage Admins on FacebookAnd that the basics covered. So now “all” that’s left is to fill in your details, upload loads of photo’s and start interacting with your Facebook Fans…enjoy!

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  1. Claire O'R says:

    Ahh that clears up a lot, we’ve had a lot of trouble setting up ours for the reasons listed i.e. staff moving on, any chance of more posts on styling the actual page?

    • admin says:

      Hi Claire, styling your facebook page takes a bit of coding, we would be happy to advise you if you get in touch with us directly :)

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