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08 Feb 2011

Are You Ready For Your German Tourists?

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With consumer confidence and the number of people in employment at an all time high, Germany is experiencing it’s best economic growth (3.6%) since it’s reunification in 1990.

With this in mind Tourism Ireland is in the process of rolling out it’s €2.5 million advertising campaign across Germany, front loading it to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the crucial decision making period for this market.

The campaign kicked off in January with a TV Campaign blitz, airing at prime time across seven top German stations. It will also focus on Co-Operative Campaigns with Groups and Associations; Monthly Consumer & Business Tourism ezines; In Market Consumer Events along with a Trade and Press website.

Tourism Ireland’s ad campaign will be front-loaded as according to Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland “two-thirds of Germans decide on their destination six months in advance of their holiday, so it is essential that Ireland is highly visible across a range of media, including TV, radio, online and in social media, during that important decision-making period.”

Our Analysis

We had a look at some data from Google to see what impact this Ad Campaign is having on the German Market in relation to looking at Ireland as a tourist destination, here is what we found. Read more

03 Feb 2011

How To Setup A Facebook Business Page…Properly!

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We are still seeing a lot of people still struggling with the tricky process of how to set up a Facebook Business page. The main area of confusion regards the fact that you MUST have a personal account before you can set up a Facebook Business Page. The reason is that business pages are managed and created from within your personal account as well as accessed through your personal login.

So if you try to setup a Facebook business page first, you will actually be going through both setups at the same time. Many people are unaware of this and it can be somewhat confusing when it keeps asking for personal information. Our advice would be to setup your personal page first then add your facebook business page afterwords.

‘How To Improve Engagement On Your Facebook Business Fan Page’

However this too can be a problem most notably when an employee in the company has been tasked with the following blunt instructions:

Get our company business on ‘the’ Facebook…NOW!

They dutifully do so, but by using their own personal Facebook profile as the super admin. With this comes the subsequent problem of when this employee moves on they remain the super admin for this business page and can never be removed without deleting the page!

So here is what we recommend you to do… Read more

02 Feb 2011

Social Media and Your Brand

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Social media has made it more urgent than ever for companies to get the basics of their branding correct, developing and reliably delivering on a compelling brand promise.

While it has always been risky to disappoint customers, the advent of social media has meant that falling short of a customer‘s expectations can have an immediate backlash.

While social media is a fantastic tool for engagement and collaboration with customers, it is also a means whereby you can gain rich, un-mediated customer insights faster than ever before. Having worked with numerous companies on their social media marketing, our analysis suggest that to leverage your brand name effectively through social media you need to: Read more